Sunday May 28th, 2023

How is The Automobile Industry Moving into the Metaverse?

We run down some of the biggest car brands speeding into the future with their NFT and metaverse strategies.

NFTYScene Team

The metaverse is converging the physical and digital worlds across industries, and the automotive market is going full force with various applications from more efficient factory processes through metaverse accessibility and collaboration to in-built backseat VR gaming and NFTs giving drivers a more personal connection with the brands. We run down some of the biggest car brands speeding into the future.

Maruti Suzuki has built a NEXAverse and unveiled their new car in this metaverse. Also, the Grand Vitara is going to be the first car in the world that can be booked through Maruti Suzuki’s metaverse platform. 

BMW is leveraging NVIDIA’s Omniverse to create a virtualized world for car production. The Omniverse allows BMW to visualize the production line and make changes to the design and structures before putting it into final production. 

Hyundai has partnered with Unity to create a digital twin structure for their factories. The purpose is to allow everyone to collaborate closely and assess modifications and adjustments to the production lines. 

Lamborghini, with the assistance of NFT PRO and INVNT unveiled an NFT collection of their iconic vehicles set against a backdrop of legendary places on the planet Earth. 

Mercedes-Benz launched its NFT collection after collaborating with Art2People. The automotive company also airdropped the NFTs through Nifty Gateway.

Audi is bringing virtual reality to in-car entertainment for passengers. The backseat passengers can use VR glasses to get an immersive experience by playing games, films, and other interactive content. 

McLaren has partnered with InfiniteWorld to bring a comprehensive digital experience to its customers. The British luxury auto manufacturer is also releasing NFTs for McLaren cars and supercars.

Ford recently filed 19 trademark applications across its major car brands covering virtual cars, trucks, vans, SUVs and clothing for its brands as well as a proposed online marketplace for NFTs.