Sunday May 28th, 2023

MyMetaverse & Enjin Release Playable NFTs for GTA and Minecraft

Blockchain platform Enjin and game development company MyMetaverse have been able to inject NFT items into the popular games.

NFTYScene Team

NFTs are slowly making their way into popular games thanks to the launch of playable NFTs on the servers of well-known games like Grand Theft Auto and Minecraft through blockchain platform Enjin and game development company MyMetaverse.

According to a report, the NFTs are from MyMetaverse's "MetaHome" NFT collection. MyMetaverse minted the NFTs on Enjin's Efinity NFT blockchain. The titles of the Minecraft and GTA 5 servers are "Infinity Auto" and "Survival Infinity," respectively.

The NFTs typically take on different forms on various gaming servers as players use them. On the Infinity Auto server, GTA 5 players will see the NFTs as infrequently operable vehicles. However, the Survival Infinity server has a special sword that Minecraft users will notice.

Simon Kertonegoro, the founder and CEO of MyMetaverse, commented on the development, “We believe the most valuable NFTs will be those that have the greatest impact on people’s everyday experiences. With utility in three separate games, the MetaHome collection is an exploration of blockchain-enabled, cross-game interoperability.”

In addition to Survival Infinity and Infinity Auto, other gaming servers already use the MyMetaverse MetaHome collection. These NFTs are also the only ones that exist on the Efinity chain, which aids Enjin in achieving its goal of blockchain development.