Sunday May 28th, 2023

World’s First ‘Foodverse’ Launches in the UAE

Step into the future of food marketing with OneRare, the world's first food metaverse.

NFTYScene Team

The world's first food metaverse, OneRare - also known as the "foodverse" - has been launched in the UAE by Supreet Raju and Gaurav Gupta. The foodverse is expected to become the most prominent tool for marketing and customer service for food brands.

Raju and Gupta have been exploring the blockchain industry since 2017 and noticed a consistent failure in making blockchain products accessible to general audiences. They wanted to create something simple, educational, and user-friendly to onboard the next wave of adoption, which culminated into OneRare.

OneRare's food metaverse brings the global F&B industry to Web3 for the first time, allowing them to create virtual experiences, food NFTs and games, and interact with foodies from across the world. The foodverse creates new opportunities for food businesses to unlock a new level of customer engagement and marketing, and also provides new avenues to generate revenue.

"Metaverse technology will prove to be a game changer across traditional industries,” Raju tells NFTYScene. “Every industry will be leveraging the metaverse to strengthen their digital persona and connect with their audience. With the Foodverse, the F&B industry also charted its place in the metaverse.”

As the food industry increasingly moves online, virtual presence will be just as important as delivering food within an hour. With immersive experiences offered by the foodverse, food businesses can provide customers with a unique and engaging experience that can generate greater brand loyalty and sales.